Reserve Your New Vehicle in Saginaw, MI

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How to Reserve a New Car
in Saginaw, MI

Finding the new car you want these days may seem like a challenge -- but in fact it has never been easier to bring home your next ride. With the Serra Automotive 'Simpler' process, we can guide you through how to seamlessly buy a vehicle from the manufacturer. And if you’re not up to visiting our Saginaw, MI, car dealerships in person, check out our handy virtual portal to start the process online. You can start the process on your own and most details can be worked out there and over the phone. It’s a pretty convenient way to buy a your next new vehicle.

How Do You Buy a Vehicle From the Manufacturer?

It’s a common misconception, but you can’t actually buy directly from a major car manufacturer -- you’re ultimately still purchasing your new vehicle through our dealership. However, what we do is help you cut the needless browsing right out of the equation. You just tell us what model you want, and we’ll see to it that the next one to come in from the factory is yours. Buying factory direct is just another way to say you’re reserving or custom ordering a car.

Is a Reserved Car the Same as a Custom Order?

No. When you reserve a car, you’re essentially reserving a model that was already intended for our Saginaw car dealerships. Custom orders, meanwhile, are truly bespoke orders -- you tell us exactly what model and features you want and we’ll send along a purchase order for that configuration directly to the factory. For more on custom orders, call or contact Serra Automotive today.

How Long Does It Take for a Reserved Car to Arrive?

The timeline will vary based on several factors, including the popularity of the model you want and the volatile global supply chain. While we can’t say exactly how long it will take for your vehicle to arrive, we’ll regularly be in touch about any status updates and the estimated delivery date.

Should I Reserve a Car?

If you’ve made up your mind on what make and model you want, the process is simple, easy and -- best of all -- you can be sure you’ll get the car you want as soon as it comes in. All you have to do is tell the Serra Automotive team your order, and we’ll take it from there. Before you know it, your next vehicle will be showing up to our nearby car dealerships, factory fresh and ready for pickup. Whether you’re looking for a gas or electric car, let our Saginaw automotive experts help you buy your next new car the easy way because you know, It's Simpler at Serra!

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